1 Month Course

Get The Foundation of Photography Skills with Our One Month Beginner’s Course!

Photography offers a new way of looking at the life and the things around you. The camera lens becomes your new eyes to explore the world in the most insightful and incredible manner. It is this curiosity of exploring the world that makes photography one of the most common hobbies for people. However, the busy lifestyle makes it difficult to pursue with that passion.

Helping out people with the passion for photography, Pixel Institute of Photography offers a part-time weekend course. Our course schedule allows the working class people and students to indulge in their passion on weekends. Hence, there is no need to compromise with the passion of photography anymore!

Learn from the most experienced photographers

We, at Pixel Institute of Photography, have a huge team of experienced photographers. Not only they have worked in the different environments, but also have the experience of training people. With such talents, we confidently invite you to leverage the professional abilities of the faculty that we provide you in our on month course.

Gain the in-depth understanding of technical aspects

Photography has its technical side that helps in evolving your creative skills. These technical aspects are introduced to you during the course. The faculty teaches you with the practical approach, which is why no technical aspect becomes difficult for you to understand.

It all starts with the basics of photography, which then move towards more core technicalities such as shutter speed, light exposure, frame balancing, and other aspects. At the end of the course, you become very well equipped with the knowledge of the camera and photography.

Find your true creative side!

Our faculty also helps you find the creative side of photography. This creativity leads to more unique skills that make you different from others. The professional experience of the trainers allows them to bring out the creative side along with promoting your technical skills.

Join the course today!

With the convenient schedule and reliable faculty, there is no need to for you to wait anymore. Just join the course now!

Course Details!

  • Basic Understanding of Digital Camera and its Functions
  • Manual and Auto Focusing
  • Shutter Speed.
  • Exposure/Light balancing.
  • White balance.
  • Aperture(f)/Iris
  • Frame Balancing
  • White Balance
  • Natural day light shoot
  • Indoor Artificial Lighting shoot
  • Portraits, Mid and full length shoot indoor & outdoor
  • Local Photography tour
  • Discussion with presentation of shoots
  • Photo Gallery -Walks
  • Q/A Session for quarries

Course Information

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